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Schmitt Hall
Schmitt Hall
Schmitt Hall
Schmitt Hall
Schmitt Hall


Montclair, NJ

Client: Montclair State University, College of Humanities & Social Sciences
My Role: Architect, Project Manager
Architect of Record: Ecoplan
Photographer: Mike Peters

Project Area: 37,000 SF


Project Description:


Formerly named Finley Hall, Conrad J. Schmitt Hall has been renovated and now houses several departments within the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

The project consisted of a complete renovation of 37,000 S.F. of an existing two story building down to existing structural elements and the addition of a third floor. The total area of the building has been increased to 52,700 square feet. There are new classrooms on the first floor, faculty offices on the second floor, and general-purpose classrooms and additional office space on the third floor. The project also included construction of a new entrance tower, a new elevator on the south side of the building and a new exterior wall system. The cost of this project was $18M.

Note: For this project, I participated in the planning and design stages of the project, however, the construction was handled by another project manager after I left the firm.

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