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Montclair, NJ

Client: Montclair State University

Project Manager: Sharon Mahoney

My Role: Owner, University Architect

Architect of Record: HMR Architects

Contractor: Terminal Construction

Photography: Mike Peters


Project Description:

Montclair State University is embarking upon an endeavor to renovate its original and most iconic building, College Hall.

This building, which is 109 years old, will be completely renovated and expanded to be the University’s one-stop student services center, Red Hawk Central, for all current and prospective students and alumni. This project will be completed in two phases.

Phase One will be the construction of an addition on the first floor of the building. Please note that College Hall will remain open during Phase One. The following departments will remain in College Hall during Phase One. The departments are scheduled to move out before Phase Two begins. Communication will be sent to the campus community regarding specific moving dates and the location of each department during the College Hall construction:

  • AFT Union Office

  • College of the Arts Labs

  • Financial Aid

  • Honors Program

  • Office of the President

  • Office of the Provost

  • Registrar

  • Student Accounts

  • Summer Sessions

  • Undergraduate Admissions

  • University Counsel

Phase Two will complete the second and third floors of the addition and the renovation of the original building. The addition will be located on the northern side of the building, where the bridge exists today, and will be oriented towards the center of campus.

Within the addition on the first floor will be a new Utilities Infrastructure Vault that will house critical services such as steam, chilled water and electrical distribution systems, a telecommunications equipment room, and network operations center.

The second floor will be a two-story atrium and home to Red Hawk Central, the campus hub for all admissions and academic support services.

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